Friday, January 10, 2014

Call Phreak

Phreaking - Or Dial-Through fraud is very big business and a target for organized criminals. If your phone system is attacked, You will be left with a huge phone bill witch you will be expected to pay because you are responsible for calls made via your phone system and not your carrier. 
This bill could be 10 - 100 times higher than your usual phone bill and sometimes even a lot higher that. Everyone is at risk and all phone systems need to be secured against this crime to protect you from potentially significant financial losses.

Orbex Solutions can provide better security for you!

Common questions about voice security

Why is preventing this fraud my or companies responsibility?

PBXs are the most common vehicle phreakers use for their crimes. Only you have access control over your phone system. So you`re responsible not only for its security but also for all call charges incurred from it. Moreover, only you can identify which calls made from your phone system are legitimate and which are fraudulent.

We are a small business. Why would phreakers attack us?

Phreakers search globally for unsecured phone systems to harvest for their own use. And this search is continuous. They don`t care how big or small your business is. No one is safe. Worst of all for you if you do get hacked, you`re probably less likely to be able to absorb the average loss incurred from a phreaking event and the size of the bill would be enough to bankrupt many organizations. It`s really important you and your staff understand the need to protect your business and especially your phone system from this fraud now and to take steps to prevent unauthorized access to it.

Why isn`t my current PBX secure then?  

The resident security in your PBX was enough to keep you secure in the past but not now. Phreakers,
like the criminals, are becoming cleverer all the time in ways to a attack and invade your phone system and they can easily circumvent this security now.

If I or my company gets attacked, who pays for the calls?

You or your company will. You are responsible for all calls made from your phone system whether or not you or your staff made them and whether or not your carrier/airtime provider has taken any steps or managed to stop or block fraudulent calls.
So what can I or my company do to protect my business from this fraud?

The only sure way to protect yourself from this particular and financially damaging crime is with automatic, always-on, active voice security like Control Phreak which won`t let phreakers anywhere near your phone system. The risk of becoming a victim of this fraud is already really high and increasing rapidly all the time but only you can control whether you are attacked or not. It is much easier to prevent an attack than to try to recover your business from a phreaking attack. Phreaking is a preventable crime...

Only you can control whether or not you are attacked!

Working with Orbex Solutions or other similar companies will help you provide a solution to this threat, reduce excessive bills through telephone system fraud and enhance your telephone system security.

Control Phreak

Orbex with Callista provides a solution to this threat which is called "Control Phreak". Control Phreak is an anti-toll fraud, anti-phreaking system which protects your phone system from phreaking, toll fraud, dial-through fraud and hacking completely automatically and around the clock without any intervention. It automatically and immediately detects and kills all fraudulent call traffic while allowing all legitimate call traffic to flow through your phone system so that your business is never compromised and it's on alert unobtrusively and silently 24/7.
Control Phreak is much more than an anti-toll fraud system though. To protect you against internal fraud It also lets you decide how your staff uses your phone system. In addition you can also use Control Phreak to block time-wasting, nuisance inbound calls.
Control Phreak protects these phone systems from toll fraud : Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office (all models), Panasonic KX-TDA/TDE/NCP/NS (all models), Samsung OfficeServ (all models) and Siemens HiPath 3000 (all models).

Voice Firewal

In collaboration with ReTell`s Orbex Solutions offers a new solution and approach to Call Phreaking. "Voice Firewall" is designed stop calls and reduce excessive bills through telephone system fraud, enhancing your telephone system security.
Voice Firewall recognizes unauthorized numbers and prevents them connecting to the main system, therefore nulling any opportunity the hacker has to penetrate the system. You can further configure the system to your own requirements and preferences. For example, you can determine which numbers should be blocked during office hour and out of office hours, so you won`t lose potential business from new callers that the system doesn`t recognize. Furthermore, Voice Firewall creates an event log showing blocked calls and numbers. You can also limit the number of simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls out of hours further enhancing your telephone system security.
Voice Firewall has been specifically designed to be simple to install, and to work with any telephone system. Voice Firewall connects easily between the phone system and the network termination point, with no need to turn off trunk to trunk dialling if your system is using this functionality. What`s more, Voice Firewall does not limit ANY of the existing functionality of your telephone system.

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